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Technical Insulation

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Cold Insulation

for Household Techniques, Food- and Chemic Industries


Kälteanlage, Bäderland Hamburg

In order to avoid forming of condensation, refrigeration plants and cold water tanks, as well as the appropriate piping, also exterior- and outgoing air ducts are insulated mainly with synthetic rubber.

Another possibility is the foam - glass insulation. This very expensive and complicated method of cold insulation is generally used, when, due to construction procedures, the constructional preventive fire protection has to be considered.

Additionally, the corrosion protection of conducts, according to requirements, is also supplied by our company by means of corrosion protection paint.

In order to protect the very shock sensitive cold insulation materials, different sheathing, mainly steel sheet metals with a material thickness of up to 1,2mm, similar to heat insulation, are inserted.

Examples of Workmanship




Centre for Ambulant Rehabilitation, Münster




Heat- and cold insulated ventilation systems (inlet- exhaust- external air) including a waterproof UV consistent and mechanically durable sheathing made of aluminum sheet metal. A professional performance is so much more important nowadays, Due to shortage of space, the complete ventilation technique has to be transferred to the roof and thus has to withstand all weather conditions.




Goethe University, New Building Physics, Frankfurt/Main

Insulation of the external air ducts and cold ducts with fireproof (AI) foam glass sheets, thickness 60 mm



Advanced Technical College, Worms

Cold insulation of a cold water container, made by a 19mm Kaiflex sheet material (synthetic rubber) In this case an additional sheet cladding is not mandatory as neither weather conditions nor mechanical exposures have to be considered.




Zentrum für ambulante Rehabilitation Münster


Wärme- und Kälteschutzgedämmte Lüftungsanlage (Zu-, Ab- und Außenluft). Einschließlich einer wasserfesten, UV-Beständigen und mechanisch beanspruchbaren Ummantelung aus Aluminiumblech. Eine fachgerechte Ausführung wird umso wichtiger, da heutzutage oftmals die gesammte Lüftungsanlagentechnik aus Platzgründen auf das Dach ausgelagert wird und somit auch allen wetterbedingten Beanspruchungen trotzen muss.