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Technical Insulation

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Heat Insulation

for domestic use and for Industrial Installations


Großbäckerei Moss, Aachen

Pipelines, manifolds, valves, tanks for heating or sanitary engineering and supply and return air ducts must be insulated to prevent heat loss in the latest energy-saving (EnEV) as well as the current state of the art. As an insulating material will generally be used mineral wool products in the form of slabs, sheets or trays and man-made fibers sector in the high temperature aluminum silicate (ceramic wool) in the area of application> 900 ° C. If you like it hotter, for which we have polycrystalline wool on offer. These are used at temperatures of 1300 ° C to 1600 ° C is used.

For the insulation as protective casing against mechanical damages, solar irradiation, and for moisture (rain) we utilize different materials.

Galvanized sheet – steel

Aluminum sheet metal

High-grade steel or platal-sheet metal                                 

PVC foil

Aluminum course grain foil




Examples of Workmanship


Large Scale Bakery-Ludwigshafen

Insulation of containers with 2x100 mm wire netting mattings and additional coating of aluminum sheet metal


Hot water tank, about 4.000 US gallons

Bakery Büsch in   6.3.07_(11).jpgKamp Lintfort






Insulation for heating and sanitary installations. They had to be completely sheathed with aluminum sheet metal, due to regulations of  the food supply industry.


University of German Federal Armed Forces Neubiberg, near Munich

Heat insulation works at the foul air- and air supply systems with additional sheet metal sheathing of galvanized steel sheet metal.


Emsland Live Poultry-Farming in Haren (Ems)

Sheathing of the heat-insulated heat distributor up to a total height of 2,50 m in galvanized steel sheet metal and with PVC foil on top of it.