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Technical Insulation

G.Dreher GmbH

Gildenstrasse 2c
48157 Muenster, Germany

Phone +49 251 - 144 708-0
Fax +49 251 - 144 708-20

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Company´s profile


Gustav Dreher

Gustav Dreher, a trained plasterer, recognized the signs of time. He specialized in the field of insulation and founded his own company. Due to the development of the first steam-power plants with kettles, containers and pipe lines as well as the refrigeration engineering, the insulation technique became more and more important.

In 1935 the acknowledgement of insulation craftsmanship as an independent trade, became official. On the 4th of February in 1936, the business Dreher, known as insulation company, was officially registered in the craftsman’s register of the HWK Münster.


Karoline Dreher

The building of the Company at "Wolbecker Straße" was bombed during the war.

For the time being the location was transferred to "Gallenkamp 30". The company was able to continue with its work throughout the war, as the craft of insulation was considered to be important to war activities and the co-workers were not called up to military services until up to war's end.

Construction of a building and warehouse at "Lüdinghauser Straße 24" in Münster. However these buildings had to be pulled down fourteen years later, in 1963, due to the construction of the feeder to a motorway.


Construction of a factory building and a residential home at "Buldernweg 49" south of Münster.

 In 1969 the founder of the company died, and his wife took charge of the executive management.


Günther Dreher, son of the founder


In 1974 Karoline Dreher died and her son Günther took over the management of the company and continued the successful business.


Karl Gustav Dreher


Karl Dreher invests in today’s factory site at Gildenstrasse 2c in Münster-Handorf, as the location at Buldernweg is no longer sufficient.



Senior Director, Günther Dreher retires and his son Karl, who was his co-manager since 1979 in the business of insulation craftsmanship, is in charge of the company from that time on.


Gerold Dreher B.Eng. (FH)


Great grandson Gerold Dreher, continues together with his father, the management of the company. After finishing his training as a WKS-insulator in 2009 he studies for structural engineer at the advanced technical college of Münster. He finishes off with Bachelor of Engineering.


Since 2014 he is a WKSB-master. His aim is the management and further development as well as the expansion of  the specialized business.