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Technical Insulation

G.Dreher GmbH

Gildenstrasse 2c
48157 Muenster, Germany

Phone +49 251 - 144 708-0
Fax +49 251 - 144 708-20

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to G. Dreher GmbH,

your Master Company for Technical Insulation and Fire Prevention.

Known  as a professional company for heat- cold- sound and fire prevention, we specialize in insulation of sanitary-  heating installations and ventilation systems. With the skills of craftsmanship  and the most up-to-date technical know-how, we guarantee a competent insulation for every single installation.
Another Centre of gravity in our craftsmanship is the precaution of spreading fire and poisonous flue gas in case of fire. We are also at the most up-to-date technical level in this field and we are known for our competent advice and excellent service.

Together with our responsible foreman we coordinate the skilled works and we ensure a smooth completion at the site. All over Germany, (Europe and the World) our qualified co-workers carry out all WKSB insulating works competently and with high standards. Our trainees are effectively involved in the craftsmanship as we have always recognized our responsibility in training young people.
Supported by conscientious employees in the office, we are able to meet all requirements of today’s market.

We are looking forward to your visit.